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Namastey & Salaam!

Please note that I am extremely keen to be represented, hence I am available for Advertisements, Appearances (Film, Fashion & Lifestyle Industry festivals) and Brand Endorsements.

Should such an opportunity present itself, please may I earnestly appeal to the magnanimity of your spirit, to suggest, represent and endorse me?

Else suggest someone as professional, competent and committed as your accomplished selves? Needless to say I'd be delighted to compensate you/them with substantial reimbursement for your/their commendable efforts.

Insha Allah, I am confident of our association and look forward to a long and mutually enriching professional relationship.


Imam Siddique
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True to its name, Kipos ...

True to its name, Kipos (Greek for garden) eat and drinkery paints a perfect picture of a place smitten by the uniqueness of picturesque Greece, both in its food and feel. Join us as we journey through an inspired Greek menu with Mediterranean influences and strong molecular gastronomy elements, adding charm not only to its dishes but also in spirit (s). Kipos as a restaurant space, is an Island lost in time, romanced by pristine white walls, flowers that adorn the beautiful Santorini coastline under a starry sky, all quietly tucked away amidst the bustling, vivacious suburb of Bandra.

Superb Poem!

Ek bachpan ka
zamana tha,
jisme khushiyon ka
khazana tha;
chahat chand ko
paane ki thi,
par dil titli ka
deewana tha.
Khabar na thi
kuch subah ki,
na shaam ka
thikana tha;
thak haarke aana school se, par khelne bhi jaana tha.
Maa ki kahani thi,
pariyon ka fasana tha;
barish mein kagaz ki naav thi, har mausam suhana tha.
Har khel mein saathi the,
har rishta nibhana tha;
gum ki zuban na hoti thi,
na zakhmon ka paimana tha.
Rone ki wajah na thi,
na hansne ka bahana tha; kyon ho gaye hum itne bade, isse achha to
woh bachpan ka zamana tha...

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Namaste & Salaam! It gives me immense pride, pleasure & privilege to formally announce my official association with #BCL #BOXCRICKETLEAGUE

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Filmy Mantra Special: Exclusive Interview with Imam Siddique! (Article published on FilmyMantra.com)

Filmy Mantra Special: Exclusive Interview with Imam Siddique!

For all our readers and followers here’s presenting an exclusive interview with the extremely talented and controversial celebrity Imam Siddique. Ever since he made an appearance at Bigg Boss a couple of season back, Imam has had his share of lovers and critics. But the kind of person he is, Imam tends to take out all the positives and dump the negatives. Currently busy shooting for his upcoming movie Hotel Beautifool with Johnny Lever, the actor took out time to have this interview with us.

Here are the excerpts from the interview:
Imam: Nomoshkar & Oshesh Dhonyobad ! Shubh Ahoi Ashtami Sidharth Banerjee, all the readers & the team at Filmy Mantra,

You have been in the fashion industry for so long. What has your  life’s story been so far?
As a proud & patriotic Indian, it gives me immense pleasure to share with you all that,  I am truly blessed to be born as the eldest son of an accomplished sportsman of your national sport of Hockey, the world renowned international Hockey player Janaab Amiruddin Siddique better known as Nawaab Saheb in Hockey circles.
Pappa is till date considered & I quote ” The Most Dangerous Centre Forward in the history of the game of hockey” & a worthy successor to the stalwarts like Padma Bhushan Dhyan Chand & Padma Shri Kishen Lal. Pappa wanted me to pursue in his footsteps as a hockey player but I was more artistically inclined.
I have had the good fortune of being launched as a child model for the launch of ‘Nutrela’ & as an actor at age twelve while still in school. I’m a proud alumnus of Don Bosco High School at King’s Circle, Mumbai. The acting & modelling began at school followed by a prestigious National President’s award for poetry by the then Hon. President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Saheb & the legendary film maker Shri. V Shantaram. Since ours was an all boys school somehow I was always picked on to play the part of almost all female characters in all the theatrical productions in school, namely ‘Portia’ in Shakespeares’ ‘Merchant Of Venice‘ ; As Lulu Frinton in the Manhunter; As Lucille in Molieres’- Le Bourgeois Gentil Homme as Ruth in Lorraine Hansburrys’ - A Raisin In The Sun.
Soon after school I commenced my career in Market Research at the prestigious Indian Market Research Bureau [IMRB] as a field investigator. The modelling continued side by side & I was one of the most sought after [read successful] models of my time. I had the pleasure of launching ‘Benetton‘;  ‘De Beers’ in India; Pantaloons; Oswal’s Designer Knitwear ‘Monte Carlo‘ the first ‘Complete Man’ for ‘Raymonds Suitings’‘Modern Suitings'; ‘Thums Up’‘Gold Spot'; ‘Girodano’‘Ambuja Cement';Society Tea; ‘Hero Impact’  & Street Cat bicycles to name a few.
Moving on from fashion modeling, I decided to give TV a shot with the launch of Zee TV, where I hosted request shows like ‘Rasna Song Tere Naam Se’ as Kabir. Moving on I also hosted the very Avant Garde Fashion Police for Channel [V]; House of Choice for Music Asia; House of Style for BBC/ UTVBlue Carpet for UTV Bindass;  Style Addict & Lux The Chosen One for UTV Stars the Official Channel Of Bollywood.
I was also the national dance champion way back in the 80’s. As a matter of fact it was me that groomed & launched Manish Malhotra as a model & designer by introducing him to the Grand Master of Indian Fashion Hemant Trevedi at SDS [Sheetal Design Studio] where he began his career as a designer.
I had umpteen offers from Bollywood at the time, to act, dance, choreograph and/ or style. But since I was really not impressed with the industry at the time I decided to stay with film making in advertising. Joined the creative / films team at the very prestigious Ulka Advertising in 88 soon after the Raymonds  campaign & did almost everything in terms of pre production namely scripting, casting, styling & choreography. Won several awards both nationally & internationally for some of the campaigns our teams had worked on. Including the most prestigious IAC ‘International Advertising Congress Award‘ & a couple of Abbys‘ as well.
In 1996 I was approached by Ammirati Puris Lintas to join as National Director Talent & Casting. It was my responsibility to resource, research & successfully recruit talents for their campaigns both on & off camera. It was then that I set up ‘Lin-Talent’ a profit centre for the agency & helped create the largest Talent Database for the company accessible to all divisions on their private intranet.
It was during this time that I had the opportunity to launch Preity Zinta for Liril, Shahrukh Khan & Bipasha Basu for Clinic Shampoo. I have personally groomed & professionally counseled an entire generation of future super models & B’wood superstars alike.
When you entered the Bigg Boss house in season 6, did you anticipate how things would change when you came out of the house?
My relationship with Endemol, the production company which has created the concept of Big Brother; Celebrity Big Brother & Bigg Boss in India began with the first season of Bigg Boss over eight years ago. At the time I had launched an international Talent Agency in Mumbai called Eskimo. Endemol wanted me to join them as an in house Casting Director which I couldn’t do since I was already contacted by Eskimo. I suggested that Endemol outsource the Casting via Eskimo, wherein I could add creative value but they were adamant to have me as an exclusive in house casting director, which I refused. In this case it was the candidate the rejected the company & not the other way about as is normally the case.
Over the years Endemol pursued me relentlessly to come on board as a celebrity contestant for the show. I distinctly recall that it was on the auspicious occasion of Sharad Purnima when they called me for season 5 & I thanked them profusely but declined cause as an Indian Image Consultant I was hosting the very prestigious Style Addict for UTV STARS & was contractually bound by the same. Wherein I analaysed  Hollywood & Bollywood Stars for their style sensibility, or the lack of it thereof which is normally the case.
In early March 2012, when Endemol casting director called me for season 6, he assured me that the show would not be as vile & violent as the earlier seasons. He went on to clarify that season 6 was rescheduled for the prestigious 9 pm ‘Parivarik‘ slot meant for wholesome family entertainment. I have a very simple philosophy in life of confiding in my Ammijaan & seeking her consent in every aspect of my personal & professional career. My ammi too had read a press release from Colors saying that the show this time would be wholesome family entertainment. I asked her if I should go & finally she gave me the go ahead.
I put in my papers at UTV STARS, completed the notice period & was then ready to take on the challenge of season 6 from the time they launched. I still cannot fathom why Colors & Endemol had me on ‘stand-by’ mode & decided to bring me as a wild card instead of presenting me from day 1.
The real reason I went to Bigg Boss was to enhance my public profile. If you have noticed they always present the contestants with a back story. I wanted my story to be told. Sadly that was not to be.
They sent me in as a wild card without providing the audience sufficient information about who I was & what had been my contribution in society & the industry.  The rest as they say is history.
There’s a saying that I subscribe to ‘A wise man will create more opportunity than he finds’ . Right from my entry into BB6 I had promised Salman Khan that I was going to play the game & was going to provide Manoranjan & I did with my sarcasm & wit.
Here I’d like to state for the record that I was never kicked out as alleged but left on my own free will. of course the channel & their PR machinery went into overdrive trying to justify my untimely exit hence all the banal reportage about the same. Begs the question, if I was evicted, why the hell did they bring me back in the first place???
Anyways try as hard as they may, I have the life skills & the professional expertise of managing my won career rather successfully & would like to avail of this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to the CEO Endemol Mr. Deepak Dhar ; Casting director Mr A Chauhan; Creative director Aritra Mukherjee, the cast & especially the crew of Endemol & Colors TV for providing me the biggest platform of my professional career. I shall always remain indebted for the same.
A lot has changed since BB6. As a matter of fact it was the first time in the history of Indian entertainment that the show LIVE to a GLOBAL AUDIENCE via a Facebook App. My fan base along my career has gone through the stratosphere. I had put all my credentials online on every available social media platform prior to my entry in BB6 hence all those that found me at all interesting or for that matter entertaining started to #Google #ImamSiddique. Lo & behold they found me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn  & Youtube. As a result I have fans now in Alaska in the North, Auckland New Zealnd in the South, Beijing in the East & Beunos Aires in the west. the planet is covered my fans of Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam. I am indeed humbled as I’m Honoured.
I don’t mean to be immodest but am proud to mention that the Hon. UK prime MinIster is my first follower on twitter @ImamASiddique.
On my return from BB8 i was offered a three year contract with Endemol to handle my career. I was pleased as punch as any Manch Ka Tanch Kalakaar would be. I asked for a comprehensive ‘Business Plan’ highlighting ‘Earnings & Projections’ on a quarterly basis along with estimated appearances. endorsements. They were gobsmacked. Hence I turned them down again to continue on my own.
Colors was very keen to have me on any & every show including Jhalak Dikhla Jaa & Khatron ke khiladi, along with a promise to cast me for the international Celebrity Big Brother in the UK & US. I would have been delighted to either anchor or judge the shows but they wanted me as a contestant hence I had no choice but to say no…Yet again. Consider this the people on the panel that they had as judges were some whom I had groomed & taught dancing , costume styling to, how was I ever going to go back in front of them as a meager contestant ??? Puhlease give me a break you thumb twiddling twats!
Endemol suggested that I meet with the head honchos at MTV. I did meet Adiyta Swamy. They offered me Roadies. I turned them down. I walked off in huff leaving the meeting half way. They called me back & offred me my own signature show Time Out With Imam.
I’m delighted to inform you all that on the auspicious occasion of Ramzan Eid I have finally commenced my career as an actor in Bollywood , debuting with a brilliant comedy aptly titled Hotel Beautifool [www.hotelbeautifoolthefilm.com] where I play an animal loving inspector. I was approached by Farah Khan forHappy New Year with SRK, but she was paying a paltry pittance, by Sohel Khan productions to play a Haryanvi Kinnar, which I also refused. Then I was offered a film opposite a certain porn star who has become really popular in Bollywood, which i refused pint blank. I come from an extremely respectable & renowned family & would never like to be the cause of any social embarrassment.  I have spent enough years working towards my goal & will not let anyone else decide my fate.
I have also been approached by a very radical lady film maker known to make ‘Avant Garde Cinema Verite’project to play a main villain in her forthcoming murder mystery titled Nark-The Hell & a cameo playing myself in ‘Boy In Bollywood’ directed by Mr. Mudassir Aziz.
How would you describe your Bigg Boss experience?
As a proud Maharshtrian Mumbaikar I’d like to say that my BB6 experience was ‘AAPRATIIM’ in Marathi [ULTIMATE] Avishvasniya & Ati Adbhut in Hindi & Coruscating in English.
The 8th season in underway, so could you tell your readers how difficult is it to cope with the unknown faces in a closed house 24/7?
Getting into the Bigg Boss show takes a lot of courage, confidence & conviction. I’m sure all married & divorced or separated individuals will be able to relate with what us contestants endure in that house. It is bizarre. I don’t mean to spout old cliches but it is a jungle out there, where the ones who’ve earned their stripes rule & every individual inadvertently exposes their true selves , animal instinct, especially the menfolk fighting for territorial rights as the Alpha Male…And now females as well.
Would you say your life has changed to a certain extent after Bigg Boss, popularity wise especially?
Ma Asha Allah! It is Bhagwan Ka Aashirwaad & crororn logon ka pyaar aur duaen. It is  God’s grace that has helped me make a name for myself all over the world & carve a very special niche in people’s hearts. The best part is the the children loved me & thought I was very funny. I’ so glad they acknowledge that cause all the madness with the colourful costumes & crazy wigs was to entertain them specifically. Everywhere I go, I get overwhelmed with the outpouring of love. I am living a dream. I guarantee you that no Kapoor, Kumar, Khanna or Khan regardless of their Bollywood pedigree has won as many accolades & hearts from one single project as I have kind courtesy Bigg Boss. At the risk of sounding a tad immodest I have had hardcore Sallu fans telling me that they ONLY watched the show because of me. Poetic Justice?!?
What has kept you busy ever since the Bigg Boss stint ended?
Ever since BB6 I have personally handled all my communication, phone, e mail & sms along with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Youtube. Personally communicating with all my fans & their families while thanking them profusely for their love & support. This I know is unprecedented in the history of entertainment world wide.  As an expression of humble gratitude I have endeavoured to travel all over the country for several prestigious events, won awards for most entertaining & best performer, inaugurated several high profile fashion & lifestyle boutiques & salons, walked as a show stopper for Fashion weeks. As a consummate corporate professional I understand, appreciate & religiously exercise my CSR [CELEBRITY / CITIZEN SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY]  What I am most proud of is going back to my roots in Rajasthan for the prestigious Jaipur Literature festival & then onto my hometown of Banswara where I am assisting several NGO’S who are working in the areas of Women’s health, adult literacy & aids awareness.

We hear you are doing a film, Hotel Beautifool, can you tell us more about it? How did you end up being a part of the project?
Kehtein hein naa Neeyat Saaf to Manzil Haasil….I am doing not one but three films. While I was casting at Lintas I met a whole bunch of talent, one such person is Mr. Samir Iqbal Patel who has now cast me for my debut project Hotel Beautifool.

Your future plans and projects?

I’m an ideas man & am currently conuslting on four very prestigious global projects. The first is a film that I have written titled The ‘Bhagwan Of Bollywood’ which is currently in the screen play stage.  The “4C” [Culture, Cuisine, Cinema & Couture] project which is a peace initiative between four countries of the Indian sub continent namely India; Pakistan; Bangladesh & Sri Lanka highlighting each country’s inherently indigenous ethnic culture through their food,  films & fashion. Also in talks with several film & TV producers for future projects.

Any message for our readers at Filmy Mantra?
I’d like to take this magnificent opportunity to wish all your readers & your team at Filmy Mantra a very peacefully magical & prosperously memorable Deepavali…Minus the Chini Fataks. Be Sawdeshi Buy only Sivakasi fireworks & support Indian Small Scale Industry. Jai Hind. Jai Maharashtra.

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It is beautiful, fulfilling and easier to be oneself! I realized how light I feel just being my enigmatic self: not pretentious to please society. My myriad looks and personalities fascinate me. It is even more thrilling knowing that some people enjoy them as well and appreciate me as they reveal themselves and surprises often spring forth... Some people hate me, some have mixed feelings, some are trying very hard to figure me out and others are just searching in their realm of confusion about who IMAM really is. Darling, IMAM is just an ENIGMA! My soul is flourishing and I'm human! The difference between me and the boy next door is my ability to live with liberty and without apologies! I serve God, society, and I serve myself, all within my capacity and with both my flaws and perfections.

Don't expend your time and energy on hating anyone just because you do not like or understand the person. Don't expend much time and energy trying to figure anyone out unless they are close to you because all of the aforementioned will not add value to your life, if anything it will kindle and reveal the monster in you as we all have faults so you may begin to cast aspersions, even spew venom at the person, peddle malicious gossip and consequently deviate from your own journey and evoke ill will in your life! LET people BE! THE INTRICACIES OF LIFE constitute variety and diversity so unless a person is really bothering you, just appreciate the good in them and LET the not so good GO! LOVE YOURSELF! YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN YOUR LIFE...NO-ONE ELSE REALLY MATTERS. HERE'S WISHING MYSELF A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.! LOVE YOU IMAM.