Monday, August 31, 2015

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Namastey & Salaam!

Please note that I am extremely keen to be represented, hence I am available for Advertisements, Appearances (Film, Fashion & Lifestyle Industry festivals) and Brand Endorsements.

Should such an opportunity present itself, please may I earnestly appeal to the magnanimity of your spirit, to suggest, represent and endorse me?

Else suggest someone as professional, competent and committed as your accomplished selves? Needless to say I'd be delighted to compensate you/them with substantial reimbursement for your/their commendable efforts.

Insha Allah, I am confident of our association and look forward to a long and mutually enriching professional relationship.


Imam Siddique
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Judge Me...Grudge Me...The elevated path I'm trudging now, your negativity won't budge or nudge me...

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Many people consciously and unconsciously lower their standards by looking down on themselves and by believing other people's negative perceptions of them. Yes, if you believe you're not very good or even incompetent, you're lowering your standards! If someone else says to you that you are not good enough and you accept it, then this means you have very low self esteem or that you even hate yourself! Your mistakes and failures in life should not in anyway encourage a low opinion of yourself! Everybody's journey is laced with mistakes, failure, disappointment and rejection, which are components of growth and the process of self discovery. If you lower your standard, then you will not achieve your full potential. Your opinion of yourself influences the decisions you make concerning you and others. Meaning if you think low of yourself, your decisions will be negative or less rewarding to you; if you esteem yourself, then you will make choices that will benefit you.
It is crucial that you stay objective about yourself and work to improve where you need to but also don't overestimate your capabilities by letting your ego take over. This is all part of developing wisdom and good discernment, so make a conscious note of these inevitable factors of life.
Jai Hind. Jai Maharashtra

Friday, June 12, 2015


Greetings & Gratitude to each & every soul sister & blood brother of Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam. Thanks for all the love & respect to every single person who connected with me personally by calling, SMS, E Mail & shared their feelings all the way from Alaska in the North to Auckland New Zealand in the South, from Beijing in the East to Buenos Aires in the West. Ours is a friendly planet, let's save it, respect it & treasure it. Love, Light, Luminosity 

Everything in life is connected through various energies. Our environment consists of plants, trees, furniture, people, food and clothing. It's like living things and objects correlating to makeup life!
Trees and plants can emit positive or negative energy depending on their state of being. Trees and plants naturally emit the oxygen we breathe. Dead trees or dead plants cannot emit oxygen to you.
Good furnishing of your home and office can provide you with comfort, and comfort inspires positive energy as it is soothing to your soul. For example, sitting on a good chair can help you to maintain a good posture, which aids your health. You may think that the bed you lay on has nothing to do with your career or the people you interact with but it actually does. Your physical state can affect you mentally and emotionally because an aching body causes vexation to the spirit and consequently influences your attitude.

Eating good food naturally helps keep you alive and promotes your physical and mental, even emotional health. Bad food on the other hand is poisonous to your health and will inevitably affect your emotions and thereby influence your decisions.

Living and interacting with people with healthy attitudes undeniably is inclined to promoting your emotional and mental health and further inspiring your growth.

Your clothing is an integral and most profound element of your appearance. Your look has the tendency to determine or influence people's perception of you... Your clothing emits energy and generates it beyond your immediate control. If your wardrobe generates a negative energy, it will detract from your quality as a person... Yes you may be an intellectual being who has the mental capacity to impress your audience during a conversation but that can be sub-sequential and always remember that your first impression is powerful and long lasting.

Endeavor to understand and be very aware of the energy you emit and surround yourself with, so that you can live a healthier and more fulfilling life. Remember you are what you eat, drink, breath, think, wear and interact with so keep striving to be your best! Jai Hind! Jai Maharashtra. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

#ChaloBoloCyberAbad #HelloBoloHyderabad

 Arriving on the 17th. Will host a Meet And Greet.. Watch this space.