Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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Namastey & Salaam!

Please note that I am extremely keen to be represented, hence I am available for Advertisements, Appearances (Film, Fashion & Lifestyle Industry festivals) and Brand Endorsements.

Should such an opportunity present itself, please may I earnestly appeal to the magnanimity of your spirit, to suggest, represent and endorse me?

Else suggest someone as professional, competent and committed as your accomplished selves? Needless to say I'd be delighted to compensate you/them with substantial reimbursement for your/their commendable efforts.

Insha Allah, I am confident of our association and look forward to a long and mutually enriching professional relationship.


Imam Siddique
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014



Talents can be discovered through struggles and challenges depending on the individual's desire for success and need to attain his/her full potential. I know so first hand as I realize that my zeal for life and desire for success heightens when I'm confronted with grave challenges. In the process of seeking solutions and ways to succeed I discover innate talents and I work towards developing them....it's like an amelioration ... If you really want to succeed challenges can't stop you. You create your own therapeutic agent by your spirit of perseverance.

Talents are hardly discovered when all is well with you! You are busy living it up! You tend to rest on your laurels; there's no need to make efforts or explore life when you believe you have success.
Don't dwell on your problems! Apply the "Forward movement" concept by seeking internal solutions to keep your spirit afloat and to discover other talents God deposited in you. You will sure reach the promised land!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


When you don't know what you want then you are open to outside influences. Most People like to be led and that's why they often seek and yield to others opinions on almost everything they do. They can't be accountable, so they blame other factors and persons. When you say "I want" then you are closed to other people's influence. When you make these proclamations, you work towards your goal; that is when you are applying the power of choice and so should and will take responsibility for the consequence whether good or bad. It's better to make those choices yourself and try to think and act prudently but where you confront grave consequences, then it should lead to growth, teaching you life's lessons that will help you to reach your full potential. You should use good discernment to weigh your choices and as a result, know what you want!

Someone's actions and thoughts may inspire or prod you to realize what you want or need but shouldn't decide for you what you want!

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Do you know that there may be people who perceive you as lowly and do not expect anything good out of you? Their perception of you is negative and worthless! They believe you are a failure in spite of your good and shining qualities. You must endeavor to exceed their expectations. You must rise everyday to accomplish your vision. You must pursue your goals with all vigor and be sure to evoke the spirit of God to guide you accordingly. Exceeding their expectations can also be exceeding your expectations of yourself... Show them you're like a dark horse who can race to the top in spite of what they think. People's negative perception of you should be embraced as a challenge for your growth and success but keep your goals in mind everyday and do what is necessary to bring you closer to the success you know you are capable of! www.imamAsiddique.com

Monday, July 28, 2014

You are living a life that is stagnant? Your life lacks substance?

You are living a life that is stagnant? Your life lacks substance?
What is the meaning of your existence??? We must realize that our presence in the world has a meaning and until we develop ourselves to bring out that meaning it is null and void. You must endeavor to discover who you are and why you exist!

Your material possessions cannot define you! Your good looks cannot define you! Your connections cannot define you! Your array of girlfriends and boyfriends cannot define you. The malicious stories you peddle about other human beings to elevate yourself does not reflect substance. Your positive contributions in your environment and society is the type of virtue that defines your personality.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

As Salaam Aleikum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakaatuhu!

Ja Zak Allah! Life is www.HOTELBEAUTIFOOLTHEFILM.COM! Ma Asha Allah! Good luck to our Director Sameer Iqbal Patel, the entire ‪Hotel Beautifool family as shooting commences today. Allah Hafiz. www.imamAsiddique.com

Saturday, July 19, 2014


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